Thursday, February 25, 2010

On "Judging" Murderers

...A lot is said in these days after Virginia Tech about "not judging" the young man who took the lives of 32 students and faculty before taking his own. Let's examine this just for a moment.

...First of all, to have NO opinion is next to saying that murder is no big deal and the murder of 32 in one day is no more a big deal than murdering one. To be "neutral" in the face of evil is an evil that cannot be excused. No one likes to believe in evil but it is there all the same. Not believing in it will not make it go away. And the efforts to excuse the murderer's behavior are, at the core, an effort to excuse evil away.

...Secondly, if one has an opinion and they become noticeably upset about what happened and the person by whom it was perpetrated, this is not only entirely natural but needful. Let's face it, folks, if you don't get upset about this you have a real moral problem! God gets upset with our sins and you cannot get upset about a mass murderer? You are more upset by your child's/grandchild's selfishness and self-will than you are about a cold blooded killer? Something is wrong!

...Thirdly, about the issues of non-judgmental attitudes towards this mass murderer, one doesn't have to have a degree in theology to determine that this young man feed himself FOR YEARS on self-pity and hatred of others. How dare someone say, "We shouldn't judge him!" Are you not going to judge your child who does the same thing and say "Oh, he/she is a good person at heart" ? If we as individuals and as a society cannot judge the behaviors of others, what good is the law? And if we are not to judge the behaviors of others, what do we do with Jesus' own words warning His disciples not to fall for the Pharisee's teaching or behaviors? One must judge or else one will fall into company with the wicked.

...Fourthly, ULTIMATE eternal judgment is with God. This is true. BUT... Paul explicitly says that we can NOW be assured that "...murderers... will NOT inherit the kingdom of God" Yes, you can be sure that this young man will not be found walking the streets of gold. And if you cannot be sure, then throw your Bible away. It has nothing to say to you if you reject so clear a teaching.

...Fifthly, when Jesus speaks of "judge not lest you be judged" the Greek word used and the thought behind it is cleary this: "Do not pass FINAL judgment on a LIVING person. You have no right nor can you see in to the future whether that person will repent and turn to God. Don't right them off!" But... if the person is dead, the Bible says this: "It is appointed unto men ONCE to die and after that THE JUDGMENT!" Hence there is no "second chance" and we must not give "hope" to anyone that they can murder 32 people and then murder themselves (suicide) and still find themselves in heaven! What, aren't we going to make a proper "judgment call" in regards to Hitler now that he is dead? Come on, folks, THINK ! Are we so brain-washed by secularism that we will accept into heaven ones who God has already stated He will not? Are we to give hope when God has clearly shut the door? Please would someone out there read their Bible?

...Finally, if by "judging" one means "staying upset" and letting it ruin their lives then one is using the WRONG words to express their thought. There are better words and words mean something. Use language properly so people are lead to right thinking.

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